Majestic Waterfalls

Located at the edge of Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls is a spectacular waterfall on the Snake River. The City of Twin Falls owns and operates a park overlooking the waterfall. Formed by catastrophic outburst flooding during the Pleistocene ice age about 14,000 years ago, Shoshone Falls marks the historical upper limit of fish migration (including salmon) in the Snake River, and was an important fishing and trading place for Native Americans.

A Great Blue Heron waits for fish at the Watts Mill falls on Indian Creek in Kansas City, Missouri. The falls are in an idyllic park, where many birds find refuge from the busy city that surrounds it. The park was a campsite for people heading out on the Oregon, California and Santa Fe Trails.

Soda Dam, along New Mexico state road 4, is a large hot spring deposit, made mostly of calcium carbonate. The springs used to empty out onto the dam over the Jemez River, but most of the water now exits from the road cut across the road. The whole mound is calcium carbonate deposited over millions of years by the hot springs.

Kokee Stream drops 800 feet in two tiers, forming Waipo’o Falls, into Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands.


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