Prairie Burn

These gorgeous photos of a prairie burn are an excellent addition to your artistic environment!

Ranchers and conservationists start controlled burns in the Kansas Flint Hills, replicating a natural fire to preserve the native prairie by burning back shrubs and trees. The Flint Hills, historically known as Bluestem Pastures or Blue Stem Hills, is a region in eastern Kansas and north-central Oklahoma named for the abundant residual flint eroded from the bedrock that lies near or at the surface. The Flint Hills Ecoregion is designated as a distinct region because it has the most dense coverage of intact tallgrass prairie in North America. Due to its rocky soil, the early settlers were unable to plow the area, resulting in the predominance of cattle ranches, which are in turn largely benefited by the tallgrass prairie.
A rancher on horseback starts a controlled burn by dragging a fiery tire across the prairie in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

At sunset, three riders hurry to an area to be burned in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Smoke already fills the skies and plumes rise in the valley beyond.




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Fuzzy Frenchie

Adorable doesn’t even cut it when describing these goofy little critters! Personality fills up every corner and curve of their furry selves. French bulldogs are sturdy, compact, stocky little dogs, with a large square head that has a rounded forehead and a flat face. They have round, prominent dark eyes that are set wide apart. Their bat-shaped ears stand erect. The French Bulldog originated in 19th Century Nottingham, England, where lace makers decided to breed a smaller, miniature, lap version of the English Bulldog that was referred to as a “toy” bulldog.






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Flags Waving In The Wind

Coming from military families I definitely appreciate the service. We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights. ~ Felix Frankfurter ~ “We owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for keeping us free.” Thank you for your service to our country.

A military band welcomes guests to an evening at Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg, Russia. The Catherine Palace (Russian: Екатерининский дворец) is a Rococo palace located in the town of Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), 25 km southeast of St. Petersburg, Russia. It was the summer residence of the Russian tsars. The residence originated in 1717, when Catherine I of Russia hired German architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein to construct a summer palace. In 1733, Empress Elizabeth expanded the Catherine Palace, but then demolished the old structure and replaced it with a much grander edifice in a flamboyant Rococo style.

A soldier in a 19th century uniform stands guard at an entrance to the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), in the Russian Federation, near St. Petersburg.

“Changing of the Guard in Lima, Peru” by Catherine Sherman. A guard takes his position as his predecessor marches away at the Government Palace in Lima, Peru. Guards perform a ceremony as they change at the building, which is the president of Peru’s official residence. Known as the Government Palace of Peru and also the House of Pizarro, the Peruvian government headquarters was built in 1535 over a huge Indian burying ground Waka that had a shrine of Indian chief Taulichusco.


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A Place To Rest Your Weary Bones

Choosing a place to recharge during a road trip is an important choice, but it can also make for an interesting, quirky, exciting adventure!

The Blue Swallow Motel’s neon light beckons travelers on the old Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The Blue Swallow Motel has been serving travelers along the Route 66, the Mother Road, since 1939.

“Historic Beaufort, South Carolina, Inn” by Catherine Sherman This historic Beaufort, South Carolina, inn was once the home of prominent Beaufort families, including the Rhett family, for which it is named. Many Hollywood actors have stayed in the inn while they were starring in films being produced in the town. The inn is a classic Greek Revival antebellum mansion, built around 1820.

The Victor Hotel is a four-story historic brick hotel in the mining town of Victor, Colorado. The hotel, built in 1899 by the town’s founders, the Woods brothers, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Flags of many nations line the drive to The Victoria Falls Hotel, an historic hotel at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in Africa. The hotel is dramatically situated, with a view of the Second Gorge and the Victoria Falls Bridge from its terrace. The hotel was opened in 1904 to accommodate passengers on the newly built railway, part of the planned Cape to Cairo Railway.

The neon sign of the “Buckaroo Motel” beckons travelers on the historic old Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. A few letters in “Motel” aren’t lit, but you get the idea.

The sign for the Pony Soldier Motel stands tall against a bright blue New Mexico sky, even though the motel was torn down in 2010. When the motel was still open, the blank sign at the bottom read: “Here we are on Route U.S. 66.” The Pony Soldier Motel was one of the many motels along Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, which was a popular stop for cross-country travelers on Route 66, now Highway I-40.

The Blue Swallow Motel’s neon light beckons travelers on the old Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The Blue Swallow Motel has been serving travelers along the Route 66, the Mother Road, since 1939.


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Party Owl The Time!

These birds are a fun and funky way to send love and celebration!

Mother’s Day is around the corner so celebrate it with this sweet card of a mother hen and her chicks!

This handsome Polish Crested rooster sports a crown of glorious feathers to show he’s the king of the barnyard. The Polish (also called the Poland) is a European breed of chicken known for its crest of feathers. Celebrating birthdays is his natural style!

The African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus), also known as the Black-footed Penguin, is found only in southern African waters. It ‘s also widely known as the “Jackass” Penguin because it makes a donkey-like bray, although several species of South American penguins produce the same sound, according to Wikipedia. What a fun way to celebrate!

A pair of Tree Swallows on their nesting box make a lovely greeting for bird lovers celebrating an anniversary.

Sending flights of celebration are perfect with bald eagles!

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Thinking Of You

Missing someone is no stranger to me having my significant other on the road most of the year. If you have a loved one far away whether it’s for a short or long time these sweet animals will send your love for you.


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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Kansas City has a lot of amazing art culture. One of those places is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Here is a beautifully shot spread of glimpses into this inspirational space.

Auguste Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker” muses about the huge shuttlecock, which has landed on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, perhaps from some badminton game between giants. Rodin (1840–1917) of France is celebrated as the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. His sculpture “The Thinker” was modeled in 1880 and has been cast many times. The sculpture at the Nelson-Atkins was cast in bronze in 1931.

A giant shuttlecock sculpture glows royal blue in honor or the Kansas City baseball team, which won in November 2015 its first national championship since 1985.

The shuttlecocks, installed in 1994, are among the most popular works at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. They were created by Claes Oldenburg and Coojse van Bruggen.

The original neoclassical museum building, opened in 1933, is on the right. The Bloch Building addition, to the left, opened in 2007. Both buildings are reflected in a pool in front. Underneath is a parking garage. The blue light is in honor of the Kansas City Royals’ second baseball Worlds Series in a row. Fountains and buildings throughout the Kansas City area were lit with Royal Blue light. The group of figures on the right in front of the Bloch Building is a bronze sculpture called “Rush Hour” by George Segal.

A full moon is reflected in the pool in front of the Bloch Building.

*** BONUS MUSEUM!!!! ***
The Central Museum of Communications in St. Petersburg, Russia! A Soviet Satellite is on display in the atrium of the Central Museum of Communications, which is named after A.S. Popova – one of the oldest scientific and technical museums in the world, was founded in 1872.


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