Check Meowt!

Adorn your refridgerator with these adorable, sweet, fuzzy faces! They will put a smile on your face every time you’re bored and go look for something to eat.


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Purr-fect Persian Cat Magnet

Purr-fect Persian Cat Magnet

by Fuzzyball

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Live Long And Pros-purr

You’ll have fun piecing together this big eared cutie-pie!

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Their adorableness will make you tongue tied.

Paws get me every time. These tootsies! What a sweet face!

Like Alice’s mysterious Cheshire Cat in Wonderland, this Maine Coon cat watches passersby from his comfortable perch. Look for the “Alice in Wonderland” quote inside. You can add your own verse, as well as photographs.

Can you imagine snuggling in with these two fur balls? Heaven? I think so!

Cats are our masters. Not the other way around. Right? We love every minute of it!

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Meow You Doin’?

This little dude is so bummed he missed a birthday. He’ll do whatever it takes to make it up.

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A trio of fluff balls is a warm way to say happy birthday and make anyone smile.

Two faced, but beautiful. No secret side to this cutie. Adorableness all the way!

This sweetie could be the last cat’s baby!

They look eager to hear what you have to say and to wish a happy birthday!

What a regal cat! Such a beauty.

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Turn Up The Meow-sic And Let’s Get this Paw-ty Started!

Warning: Adorable fuzzybutts below!

These kitty leggings are fantastic! So freakin’ cute!

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This little sweetie just wants some love.

For when you need a little more than just coffee. A laugh perhaps.

This adorable guy is blow away by how meow-velous you are!

This goofball wishes you a happy birthday whether you’re 1 or 100! You can change the text to fit your needs!

Tell your sweetie how sweet they are with these cuddly fuzz-balls.

Dad’s are special. They deserve a little random surprise love. Who couldn’t resist this fur face?

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You’ve Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow

A kitten appreciates the value of books. You can customize this card for a birthday, back to school, thank you to a teacher or for a cute hello to a friend.

You can easily change “Mike” to any name or relationship. A tuxedo cat expresses her birthday greetings.

You can personalize and change the text and upload your own photographs. “Wishing you a purr-fect, meow-velous seventh birthday!”

Add some humor to your birthday greetings! Flattery also gets you everywhere!

If you’ve forgotten a birthday don’t fret! There’s a cute way to a-paw-logize with a sweet fluffy face!


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I’m Feline Paw-some!

A thoughtful black and tan tabby kitten rests his paw on the edge of his box, nestled on a comfortable plaid blanket.

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Who could ignore those beautiful mismatched eyes — one blue and one amber, a trait often found in white cats and called Heterochromia iridum or odd eyes. The cats are also called the Ankara cat. They are closely related to Persian cats. Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having originated in central Turkey. Turkish Angora cats are playful, intelligent, athletic and involved. They bond with humans, but often choose a particular member of the family to be their constant companion and are very protective of their person.

A cat looks blown away by the news that the future recipient of this card is another year older, but still looks meow-velous.

A beautiful black Persian cat is confused why a birthday celebrant looks so young year after year.

A cream long-haired Siamese kitten with red points gives a wistful look.

This tuxedo cat has an opinion about everything and she shows it! This magnet would be great on a refrigerator.

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A beautiful black Persian cat “warns” of a party invitation.

Black Persian Cat Party Invitation

Black Persian Cat Party Invitation
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by Fuzzyball

This cute kitten is learning how to eat solid food, but he wears more than he eats.

A cute Sphinx cat brings holiday greetings.

A sweet orange cat stretches out on a bed after a cap nap.

A beautiful calico Persian cat knows how to keep a secret. Personalize for your friends and relatives.

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