A Very Groovy Holiday

Mix up the way you present your holiday gifts in colorful and fun Sixties retro-style wrapping paper.

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Your christmas tree will be really groovy when you decorate it with this psychedelic t-shirt ornament in a tie dye rainbow spiral pattern. Customize with any name. Text is on both sides. Out of sight!

Colorful tie dye design creates a fun Sixties retro-style toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Check out pillows and many other Tie dye Products in a wide range of color combinations.

Here’s a groovy way to carry your cosmetics and toiletry items.

This groovy rainbow spiral tie dye design will brighten your day!

Your drink will be a thousand times more groovy in this psychedelic drink holder.

This colorful and fun Sixties retro-style clock is so, you guessed it, groovy!

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    Have a very groovy holiday!


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