You Had Me At Meow

This whimsical door of a black cat design (El Gato Negro) is on a restaurant in Cusco, Peru. The architecture of El Gato Negro Restaurant in Cusco, Peru, combines the whimsy of a cat face on a door, ancient Inca stonework and Spanish-style balconies, trimmed by antennae on the roof.


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An orange kitten kisses and hugs another kitten. This adorable pair of hugging orange kittens creates a charming greeting for a birthday card for a loved one. You can personalize this for another occasion or relationship such as “Happy Anniversary” and girlfriend, wife or boyfriend.


A Russian Blue Cat Expresses Love.


This collage featuring lots of cats and kittens makes a purr-fect birthday card. You can change the inside text for any occasion and upload your own photographs. Check out the Persian cat on the back of the card!


Cats love Christmas trees. Why not give this gorgeous Turkish Angora cat a place of honor among the branches?


Here are three views of a funny tuxedo cat expressing her opinion. Food critic? Political analyst? Relationship guru? You can ponder while you drink your morning coffee.

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