Key West

A fishing boat heads into port near Mallory Square as the sun sets at Key West, Florida. Other boats are moored or are sailing near the port to enjoy one of the favorite activities of Key West residents and visitors — watching the nightly sunset.

Key West is the southernmost part of the continental United States and is the last island in the archipelago of the Florida Keys.

Descended from a cat given to Ernest Hemingway, this tabby cat with extra toes lounges at the home where Hemingway lived in the 1930s in Key West, Florida. More than 50 cats with extra toes, descended from Hemingway’s cat, live on the grounds of the house.

Sailboats gather on the water off of the coast of Key West, Florida, at sunset.

Sunset on the island of Key West is a big celebration that has captured the imagination and delighted people for decades, including Mark Twain and Tennessee Williams. People gather at Mallory Square, where the crowd can enjoy magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, local musicians, artists, and food vendors.

The closet-sized, 7×8-foot building used to be an irrigation pipe shed for a tomato farm. It was pressed into service after a fire in 1952 destroyed the Ochopee general store, which previously had housed the post office.
The fully functional post office is in Big Cypress National Preserve, near the intersection of US 41 and State Road 29. The zip code is 34141-9998. Visitors can get a special postmark for mail posted there.

The mailman who delivers mail from this post office has a daily route that stretches across three counties, 132 miles long.

The highlight of the evening on Key West, of course, is watching the sun slip behind of horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. You can enjoy it everyday with your drink of choice in this delightful mug!

Palm Cottage (also known as the Henry Watterson Cottage or The Cement Cottage, The Parmer Home, or Hamilton House) is the oldest home in Naples, Florida. Built in 1895 of tabby mortar construction, the cottage is located in the Naples Historic District at 137 12th Avenue South, (at Gulfshore Blvd.) a block East of Naples Pier. The cottage was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

It was the summer cottage of the Louisville, Ky Courier Journal and Times then owner/editor, Walter N. Haldeman. Other Louisvillians owned homes in the area in this era.

The historic home is owned and operated as a museum by the Naples Historical Society. The cottage’s decor reflects the early 1900s, and include the adjacent Norris Gardens, which feature five distinct themed areas and both the garden and cottage are open for docent guided tours.


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    Key West is the southernmost part of the continental United States and is the last island in the archipelago of the Florida Keys.


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