Autumn Dreaming

The sweltering heat day after day makes the crispness of autumn extremely appealing. New England is well known for their gorgeous fall foliage and the essence of autumn. Enjoy these amazing moments in time captured around Vermont.

The late afternoon sun casts a golden glow on the already fiery Autumn foliage on an early October day in Vermont. A porch light, orange pumpkins on the porch and an American flag welcome guests to this New England home.

A pumpkin sits on a rock wall in a small Vermont town in Autumn in a harvest display. Beyond is a red barn and a hill ablaze in Autumn colors.

An Episcopal church in Island Pond, Vermont, stands on a hill, surrounded by bright Autumn foliage. Island Pond is in the center of the town of Brighton, at the north end (outlet) of Island Pond, the lake, in the Northeast Kingdom of the state.

A Vermont farmer harvests corn. Beyond his field, beautiful Autumn foliage adorns the hillside.

A two-lane road curves through the Green Mountains of Vermont, flanked by the brilliant Autumn foliage for which New England is renown.

Sunshine illuminates the historic Randall Bridge on an Autumn afternoon. Colorful Fall foliage blazes along the river. Built in 1865, the Randall Bridge stands preserved as an example of the bridge construction unique to the Lyndon area, with its open sides, wide eaves, and extended gables.


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