Historic South Carolina

Here is a view from beneath the cables of the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina. The Arthur Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River opened in July 2005. This eight-lane, cable stayed bridge with two diamond-shaped towers allows clearance for ocean freighters to access the port of Charleston, South Carolina. The bridge connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. It is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere.

A small dog on a walk enjoys the brightly colored houses line East Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Thirteen historic houses make up Rainbow Row. Built in the 18th century, the Rainbow Row houses represent the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the United States.

A black bicycle is color coordinated with the white clapboard house with black shutters on Meeting Street south of Broad Street in the historic section of Charleston, South Carolina. In this neighborhood, you’ll find rows of palatial antebellum mansions on the main streets as well as homes of all shapes and sizes on the quaint wandering streets.

Colorful flower boxes decorate windows on Rainbow Row, brightly colored houses that line East Bay Street Charleston, South Carolina.

The address number plaques on the houses in the historic part of Charleston, South Carolina, are often quite quaint and weathered. Here’s a rusty address sign on a wrought iron fence.

A sidewalk cafe in Charleston, South Carolina, conveniently offers tables for husbands to wait (and drink) while their wives shop.

A 200-year-old building houses an art gallery in the French Quarter of Charleston, South Carolina. The French Quarter of Charleston, South Carolina, is a section of downtown Charleston.The French Quarter is basically within the original “walled” city of Charleston. The area began being called the French Quarter in 1973 when preservation efforts began for warehouse buildings on the Lodge Alley block. The name recognizes the high concentration of French merchants in the area’s history.

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  1. Reblogged this on Catherine Sherman and commented:

    Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

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  2. Michelle says:

    Charleston looks so charming. I can’t wait to visit one day.

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