8 fun ways to enjoy fluffy sheep!

Several very woolly and colorful sheep greet visitors to a pasture in Vermont. Wouldn’t you like to have these cute fluffy sheep on a multitude of items?! Your wish has come true!

1. These stamps would be an adorable way to send out those holiday cards!

2. Two ways to send sheep? It’s almost too cute!

3. How fun would it be to put this puzzle together?

4. Play a round of cards with this delightful deck!

5. Wear these sweet faces on your shirt!

6. This would make for a charming cup of coffee or tea.

7. These would make great “thank you” or “thinking of you” cards.

8. Just love the photo? Get the print for you wall!

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    Beautiful sheep in Vermont in Autumn on postage stamps, mugs, greeting cards, shirts, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles.


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