Musical Inspiration



Inspire yourself with this poster of a young woman playing a ukulele on the Hanelei Pier on the island of Kauai in Hawai’i.
by catherinesherman
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Know someone musical in your life? A drummer perhaps? This would make a great birthday card!


Enrico Caruso (February 25, 1873 – August 2, 1921) was an Italian tenor, singing to great acclaim at the major opera houses of Europe and North and South America, appearing in a wide variety of roles from the Italian and French repertoires that ranged from the lyric to the dramatic. Caruso also made about 290 commercially released recordings from 1902 to 1920. On February 1, 1904, Caruso began recording exclusively for the Victor Talking Machine Company in the United States. This magnet displays the label from one of Caruso’s Victor Talking Machine Co. recordings.

Enrico Caruso Victrola Magnet
Enrico Caruso Victrola Magnet by catherinesherman
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The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, Finland, is a popular stop for tourists, who clamber over the rocky foundation. The monument is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) and is located at the Sibelius Park in the district of Töölö.The monument consists of series of more than 600 hollow steel pipes welded together in a wave-like pattern.

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